The Bylaws for the Association permit the keeping of up to two ordinary household pets per unit within the condominium. Pets must be maintained in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Association and may be removed if deemed to be a nuisance. Commercial breeding of pets within the Condominium is prohibited. Every female dog, while in heat, shall be kept confined in the unit by its owner in such a manner that she will not be in contact with another dog nor create a nuisance by attracting other animals. Pet owners are advised to read the summary of Rules and Regulations applicable to pets.

All Condominium owners are required, by state law, to furnish the prospective purchaser of the unit pertinent information about the condominium. This includes information concerning financial conditions, insurance coverage, assessment liens on the unit, and structural changes to the unit. As part of their services, Community Management Corporation (CMC) will prepare your Resale Certificate.

If you observe any suspicious or criminal activity, DO NOT CALL THE ASSOCIATION. IMMEDIATELY TELEPHONE THE POLICE DEPARTMENT AT 911. Time is very important in alerting the police to criminal action. The longer you wait to report something, the better the criminal’s chance of getting away. Installation of home burglar alarms is recommended. Many companies can advise you on such items.

All unit owners (or their tenants) who are current in their assessment fees will be entitled to use the swimming pool and clubhouse. This privilege may be suspended by the Association for owners who are delinquent in their assessment payments or who have violated Association rules and regulations.

Lost keys and damage to the hardware are the responsibility of the owner to repair. If you need to replace any door hardware, please be sure to obtain approval from the Board of Directors before making the replacement. Approval is required by the Bylaws. All door hardware must be consistent in style to the original hardware. Additions or changes of the style of hardware are not allowed. Painting and other maintenance of the exterior of the door are done by the Association.